Friday, March 25, 2016

Wendy Whitely's Secret Garden

The other thing that seems to have happened to me - is that I'm seeking out gardens. I'm looking at plant names (although not really grasping or retaining them). Lucky for me Sydney seems to have lots of options nearby.. Wendy Whitely is known for her transformation of a piece of harbour side land - that no-one seemed to be doing anything with. I have been meaning to visit for ages.. Finally i did! Here's one of my snippets...

Wendy Whiteley's Secret garden, Lavender Bay, Sydney from tara axford on Vimeo.

For more info - there is also a book here
If you're in Sydney and fancy a tour of Lavender Bay there's one coming up in May.

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Jakki said...

Thank you for that lovely visual reminder of Wendy's Garden. I found it when I was visiting family last year, spent a couple of quiet hours there and could hardly bear to leave. It is a delight, revealing secrets at every turn. Sydney is lucky to have received this gift.

Your ephemeral art lit a fire in my brain! I am re-finding my creative spark in my mid-sixties - well, the spark has been there, but I hadn't realized till very recently I could liberate it! Those little vignettes are exquisite.

Thank you for sharing your vision. And, thank you for the inspiration you have given me.



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