Wednesday, January 27, 2016

From the Hortus Botanicus to the shed...

It's taken me a little while - but if you have 6 minutes and you'd like to see
some more of me making my work ... here it is...

From the Hortius Botanicus to home from tara axford on Vimeo.

After reading Elizabeth Gilbert's The signature of all things, I was keen to wander around the
Horticus Botanicus while in Amsterdam in September.

Once I had returned to the shed - I edited my favourite shots to see what, and perhaps how many variations of artworks I could experiment with.. Of course it began with some gelli plate printing.
Mostly I am using Golden open paints and layering the transparent colours.. although i do often grab whatever else i have on hand...

Inspired by the 'ponds'
 Some of the pieces I create in the video...

collage using some gelli prints

A 'straight' gelli print

Monoprint collage on gelli print background

Inside the butterfly house at The Horticus Botanicus

Distilling down the essence

Collage from gelli prints

collage of 2 gelli prints using hand cut stencil

While it is tricky to film yourself creating, and to 'stay in the moment',
I have attempted to share some of my behind the scenes process, 
as it's fun to see what others do, isn't it?? 
Thanks for dropping by - hope you enjoy watching.


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