Monday, October 19, 2015

Nine days in The Netherlands

I don't know about you - but I have to 'process' my trips. Yes, I lived in the moment while I was there, but to be honest, I was also flat out recording them for when I was no longer there. Now that I'm home and looking through my shots & footage - I'm really glad that I whipped out my iPhone to film from the tram when I arrived, or that moment the boat passed me on the canal, and to be honest - it is second nature to me (it's not a chore) so I appreciate it more when I discover the details when I'm editing. Here's a snap shot of my week, which I hope gives you a taste of Holland.

Nine days in The Netherlands from tara axford on Vimeo.

Here's some tips too:

1) Citymapper app here was fantastic. It was like having a personal concierge without the overheads. I constantly used the 'get me somewhere' feature, entered in my start and end, and it showed me overground, underground, tram, train, taxi and walking options, how long it would take and how much it would cost. It also lets you save this offline, plus I did screen shots or wrote down the info for later.

2) Rembrandt's House Museum was definitely a favourite, less queues, and it's where he actually lived and worked. There were also live demonstrations like the etching one shown above, worth planning your trip around this.

3) The Rijksmuseum is worth it. Fabulous collections, beautiful gardens, super shop + cafe. Book tickets online and get there early. I did the multimedia tour - so i could just view suggested highlights or key in numbers to hear about specific works (it emails you back your favourites too). No point getting museum fatigue. AND if you loved The Miniaturist - Petronella's dolls house is here..!

4) Why not continue the literary theme with a visit to the De Hortus Botanicus? If you enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of all things you'll enjoy this oasis in the city.

5) Follow locals of the city on instagram a little before you set off, one afternoon as I sat with my cake enjoying free wifi - I came across a picture of a photographic  fair - I googled it to find out that it was 20 minutes by tram from where I was sitting. So instant!

Next I'll be working on a nature in The Netherlands video AND hopefully taking that to the shed to bring you another one of my process videos... stay tuned!


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Francine Moran said...

loved the video, I will put it on my bucket list to visit thank you for sharing, Fran

Henriëtte said...

Beautiful video from the Netherlands !!

Henriëtte Pentenga

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