Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pattern Play: from the desert to the shed

Reflecting back on last year I realised once again how much I love taking + making pictures. It seemed a logical next step to make them move... in the Christmas holidays I signed up for a course with the filmmaker /photographer Xanthe Berkeley, soon i was chopping and clipping all over the place. Now 6 months later, I could experience the incredible environment of Central Australia capture the memories, AND bring it all back to the studio.

While not a how-to film, hopefully how i translated my inspiration and the process involved will become apparent. I don't know about you, but there is something about watching other people create... I know I enjoy a bit of sticky beak into a studio - i hope you do too!

From the desert to the shed from tara axford on Vimeo.
After a visit to Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia I spent time in the shed looking at my photos to see where patterns formed. I made marks, made prints and then made my patterns.

Ahhh, so having the start of a pattern, a textural print was all very nice - BUT trying to repeat that had eluded me! Once again I ventured online and found the lovely Jessica Swift who made the technique ... just about seamless! As they say practice does make perfect, but here are some of my initial attempts seen in the video above.

a gelli printed base with additional marks

a gelli printed base with additional marks + collage elements

a gelli printed base with additional marks

digital design using Adobe Shape app on my iphone
to capture sketches and convert to vector art. Then repeat in Adobe illustrator.

So there you have it, first round. It'll be nice to have those sit for a bit 
and then come back for round 2 perhaps...


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