Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pattern making

have you seen:
MOYO Magazine? it's digital and last week 
 Issue 7 'The Words + Typography Issue was released here

It's JAM PACKED 150 pages are created with surface/pattern design at it's core.
Issue 7 includes:
 Kelly Rae Roberts on the power of personal mantras
For the love of lettering by Lisa Congdon

Shooting words with Holly Booth Photography
Expert insider: MOYO meets Dashwood Studio
Transforming old furniture with pattern
Behind-the-scenes at Surtex
PLUS: Designer Diary: Jillian Phillips,

each issue has a design challenge - this one was graffiti,
how chuffed was I to find out i was a runner up!

Here's my 3 submissions:

Can't say i've mastered the whole 'repeat' thing -
but hey, I've signed up for various tutorials, have a few books...
and i'm not giving up yet! just taking it one square at a time...


Roberta said...

Oh congratulations! I saw those but didn't realize it was you. LOL. I call you Dudley! Anyway, I took Module 1 and loved it. I have already signed up for the other two modules. Thanks to you! You were the one who gave me the idea when you talked about the summer school.

Kim Henkel said...

Congratulations! They look great!


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