Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer school

Have you  heard of makeitindesign?  started by Beth Kempton and Rachael Taylor, it's a fantastic resource if you enjoy surface design, colour/pattern - and finding out more about it all! They also produce Moyo magazine which you can download for free here.

Over the last few weeks i participated in their free summer school - which meant tackling a 'beginner' and intermediate brief. Unfortunately i was busy with the day job, and errr ..that collage course, BUT i really wanted to just see what i could come up with and enjoyed participating in a community made up of creative folk around the world. Here's how it went.

For the tropical brief.. i scanned in my collage bits.. 

Geometrics i worked with some of my gelli- monoprints
and attempted putting it in a garment.

Next was tribal, so played around with a few shapes + textures

Decided on this one...

Then it was 'animal print' my least favourite, i think because the given palette was not my thing. Although in reflection i could've dropped a colour. But, then again i was moving out of that comfort zone, embracing pattern clash - to see what happened!

Final submission 

the last brief was: Jewels, not my thing AT ALL, but embarked on watercolour gems.
I think i took this too literally and would've liked more time to explore another angle..

I did alter digitally a wee bit for the final submission

Lastly  i got out the watercolours for some feathers..

which i decided should float..

perhaps it suited the application...

Anyway - it was a whirlwind of patterns - but nothing like a focus
and deadline to get you moving.

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Roberta said...

This looks like a very interesting course. I was looking at their site and they seem a bit pricey. So was it worth the money do you think? Are there live videos? I couldn't seem to figure that out from looking at their web site. I would love to know more. E-mail me if you can.


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