Monday, September 8, 2014

Best of both worlds...

Last week in Randel Plowman's online collage course our project was to make little artist books.
One of the suggested topics was birds. I have a few drawers of monoprints from my gelli plate.. so i decided these would make great feathers, the collage below was created entirely from my gelli prints. Not even the tricky ones either, just pretty much straight block colour tone on tone.

i scanned it in, enlarged part of it and created an accordian style book 3x4 inches

 Every time I hear a kookaburra 'laugh' i am reminded of the song that children learn in primary school, "kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he,
laugh kookaburra laugh
so i added some hand lettering too.
reverse, far right panel is cover

More lovely gelli plate printed textures.. ready for some more embellishment
- or just yummy bits of colour echoing nature...


Roberta said...

Love this Tara! I need to dig out all my gelli prints as well. They are buried in a pile somewhere right now!

Kim Henkel said...

A real beauty! I love birds and accordion books - your gelli print bird collage is amazing. I love the whole project! (and I sang along as I read your post.

Mammarte said...

Hi there, Love the collage kookaburra from Gelli prints, I too a collage nut! So are you giving any Gelli workshops in Sydney? I just ran my first one, and have another next week.
We have an art centre in Hornsby.


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