Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Faux Chine collé with gelli plate

Recently on the gelli arts blog they showed a demo of faux Chine collé ... i decided to give it a go..
first i collaged some bits and pieces together..

they were found scraps from my stash, laser prints and prints on tracing paper.
I coated them all with matte medium. I also scanned them in.
I printed some on photocopy paper to do a few test runs.

Then i took the plunge - with varying degrees of success...

Even though i used transparent paints and worked with the ghost print - the above is a little too heavy.
The upside is i have the scan so I can try again on my laser print, or ink jet on heavier paper.

I also did these without daylight - so not sure if that made a difference (maybe it was the glass of wine)
anyway - couldn't wait until morning.. i know you understand.

1 comment:

Kim Henkel said...

Well I LOVE them! Will need to add the process to my very long 'want to try' list! (especially love the turtle one!)


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