Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Faux Chine collé with gelli plate

Recently on the gelli arts blog they showed a demo of faux Chine collé ... i decided to give it a go..
first i collaged some bits and pieces together..

they were found scraps from my stash, laser prints and prints on tracing paper.
I coated them all with matte medium. I also scanned them in.
I printed some on photocopy paper to do a few test runs.

Then i took the plunge - with varying degrees of success...

Even though i used transparent paints and worked with the ghost print - the above is a little too heavy.
The upside is i have the scan so I can try again on my laser print, or ink jet on heavier paper.

I also did these without daylight - so not sure if that made a difference (maybe it was the glass of wine)
anyway - couldn't wait until morning.. i know you understand.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

unveiling the mask with gelli printing

Ah yes, it's been a while. Got a little sidetracked with all that cutting and pasting in the world that is collage. BUT, had to wipe off the gelli plate and get back to it. First i wanted to try using string and embroidery thread as a free form mask. Here's some of what happened:

the texture below was from pressing a woven 'special' paper into the gelli plate.

You can always find more of my work here on pinterest.

The next thing i'd been meaning to try was cutting clear sticky plastic film, and using that as a mask..

I experimented with the negative and positive pieces, and layered these. I also cut pieces of card the shapes of the 'holes' to mask over the colour as i went.

I also hand carved a stamp and pressed this into the inked up plate, then also onto paper

Here's some results:

The above combines the plastic mask and the string, overlayered in several prints.
So that's some of what i've been up to. Plus the Biennale is on in Sydney - you may have seen some of my pics on instagram, I'm dudleyred.


A few weeks ago I started an online collage course with Randel Plowman.
I had come across his book - which had lots of great ideas and techniques, but was chuffed to discover that i could actually participate in a course with him.

We had a facebook group, were given a project each week
(with instructions including a video tutorial) and off we went. It was wonderful seeing the different interpretations and styles produced by the group...

The next course Randel offers kicks off April 26

Here's some of my pieces:

While the idea of fitting in something else (as well as the full time job and usual chores), can seem overwhelming. Being 'made' to do something each week certainly has its positives. Even though i have been absent from this space - i now have lots of new pieces of work to look back on and think about what direction i might like to work on ...
although i'm also wondering about the NEXT course i might do!


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