Sunday, February 16, 2014

Colour pop gelli painting

A few weeks ago on the gelli arts blog I watched the painting in layers video, which was timely as i had just decided to do something using paint 'splashes' myself. Here's how it went:

These colours have transparent properties, so when layered they don't 'block each other out'.
If you are not sure - check the labels on your tubes carefully for a clue. Adding white stops any colour from being transparent.

I was using a larger piece of paper, my smaller gelli plate, printing 2 at once.

As you can see - i didn't really have a 'design' in mind it literally was just painterly splashes!
The results were like a party on paper... 

Today i thought i'd try it again - but paint all the colours at the same time, using the larger gelli plate 'splashed on' with 4 separate brushes. The best results were on a thicker mixed media paper. After it dried I printed the black straight on top.

For the last 2 - i painted the black directly onto paper, scanned it in and combined them digitally.
These were less kindergarten .. now to convert them to fabric!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A month at a glance...

Well, that it seems was January. If you follow me: dudleyred on instagram you would have seen my daily 'i' polaroids. After watching a documentary about the polaroid camera, i was all inspired. Then after realising how expensive that all was i downloaded instant app

And off i went.. looking for a snippet each day to serve as a visual clue/reminder of something that happened that day.. here is what happened in January...

These images can also be see on my pinterest board 'my i polaroids'


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