Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

print a postcard... gelli plate

Yesterday's mission was: just fill the space! With my larger gelli plate  - as you can see below - i printed 4 up on a sheet, nothing fancy, just mixing colours and printing 'straight',
not minding a little overlap.

Then a mix of orange on top, with a few stencils (handcut shapes) placed on the plate.

Then a sheet of blue, hand cut shapes, stamps - rubber + foam, and a textured rolling pin.
Sometimes you just want to turn the music on, roll that paint and not really plan
+ worry how it's all going...

Overlayed with red, then transparent magenta

a yellow +  green base.... nothing fancy...

red/pink overlay

THEN on the back of each sheet i used spray adhesive to place blank postcards (from the $2 shop). The bonus of this was the 'surprise!' factor. Since i placed them faced down on the reverse of the large sheets - then trimmed them... 
when i turned them over - taa daa!

Some of my faves...

Then i thought i'd embellish a few with some hand lettering, just to see... and partly 'cos i need some postcards to send!

plate, paint, print. connect :)


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