Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cut and paste

That whole lead up to Christmas was a little busy AND i was doing an online course. 30 days of collage with the lovely Stephanie Levy. Stephanie is an American artist/illustrator living in Berlin. To find out more about all the amazing things she does click here. Right now she also has a beautifully illustrated calendar to download :)

Meanwhile here is some of my work from the course...

As the crow walks (mono exercise)

"I have come for my heart" a 'cut up' poem exercise

"fly away" using vintage maps

"torn" exercise with torn found papers

"untitled 1" masking tape exercise

"untitled 2" tape exercise

"warning" using transparency

"cut 1" exercise with labels

"The stakes were high" recipe exercise
"the Church" exercise collaging with textiles

"Primrose longed to see the world " vintage photograph exercise

So, how was the course? well, nothing like being 'forced" via a gentle prompt - to do ... something. It was also great exposure to lots of guest artist via interviews - reading about their inspiration and influences. Then there was the class community - wonderful seeing everyone's varied approaches unveiled from around the world. The course is accessible online: anytime, anywhere! Stephanie is warm, welcoming and has lots to share... who knew Berlin to Sydney, Australia could feel so close? 
30 days of collage is running in April 2014, sign up here to keep posted.
see following post for my collage work using my hand printed gelli plate papers.. all images also on my pinterest boards :)


katiecrackernuts said...

I always love seeing your art in progress and these are all fabulous. Personal fav is The Church though. Happy New Year. Here's to more art making.

Jodi Wiley said...

Wow, I absolutely love the work you produced here! Very, very cool :)

Kim Henkel said...

I say WOW as well! I love your collages! I missed seeing your creations, so am thrilled to be able to see the amazing things you have been up to. I am going to have to check out that collage course (although April is already pretty busy for me)
Glad to have you blogging again!

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