Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Collage away with gelli plate prints

As mentioned in previous post - during November i was working on 30 Days of collage, hence lack of blogging! Here are my pieces that use papers i had in my stash that i had printed using my gelli plate.

"clown capers" warm colours exercise
"woohoooooooo!" cool with hint of warm colours exercise

"on the windowsill" exercise with stamps + stencils

"STOP" exercise with stamps (and hand carved rubber stamp) + stencils

"taxi driver wisdom" exercise quotes/lettering

"Nanna's special" exercise using kitchen ingredients

"untitled" exercise using mono

So if you are hiding under a stack of gelli plate prints ... why not sort them into colours?
and try a bit of cut and paste, old school style?

Cut and paste

That whole lead up to Christmas was a little busy AND i was doing an online course. 30 days of collage with the lovely Stephanie Levy. Stephanie is an American artist/illustrator living in Berlin. To find out more about all the amazing things she does click here. Right now she also has a beautifully illustrated calendar to download :)

Meanwhile here is some of my work from the course...

As the crow walks (mono exercise)

"I have come for my heart" a 'cut up' poem exercise

"fly away" using vintage maps

"torn" exercise with torn found papers

"untitled 1" masking tape exercise

"untitled 2" tape exercise

"warning" using transparency

"cut 1" exercise with labels

"The stakes were high" recipe exercise
"the Church" exercise collaging with textiles

"Primrose longed to see the world " vintage photograph exercise

So, how was the course? well, nothing like being 'forced" via a gentle prompt - to do ... something. It was also great exposure to lots of guest artist via interviews - reading about their inspiration and influences. Then there was the class community - wonderful seeing everyone's varied approaches unveiled from around the world. The course is accessible online: anytime, anywhere! Stephanie is warm, welcoming and has lots to share... who knew Berlin to Sydney, Australia could feel so close? 
30 days of collage is running in April 2014, sign up here to keep posted.
see following post for my collage work using my hand printed gelli plate papers.. all images also on my pinterest boards :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Getting sorted and festive gelli plate printing

Warning: following images contain CLUTTER!

After a couple of busy months, 30 days of frenzied collage (more on that later),
the shed was looking a bit too 'creative'. 

I went to the local hardware store and scored empty boxes (the same size)
and smaller ones to place inside.

 I downsized my magazine collection, sorted my books - then added some white
storage files and boxes...

The cardboard box above (with postcard pegs) houses smaller boxes of colour coded paints -
ready for easy access to the print table.

oh yes, creativity central... before....

While i was checking out the interweb for a second hand set of drawers - it suddenly hit me ... why not re purpose the ones i already had! der. (a $30 find from an opshop years ago, sat next to my desk storing my etsy shop, so i packed the contents into a box). THEN my epiphany.. colour coded gelli plate printed paper storage: cool, warm, mono, prints that can be reprinted. WOW, what a relief to get that unwieldy stack under a bit of control.

So this was the full catastrophe, below.... note the various piles of gelli prints like those bottom right on top of the small bookshelf, which incidentally has shelves with more stacks of papers!

The bookcase was relocated under the window (which i also updated the frame with a coat of white paint). The green folders are from Japanese $2.60 shop Daiso, these are now my gelli plate print reference library. I sorted through my stacks, trimmed and filed, the ones i quite like. I'm thinking it might be nice to flick back through these and see what ideas i may want to work up later.

Part of the stash (below) that is now stored in the folders. Sometimes it's hard to tell if a print is finished, or if you want to take it further, or leave it like it is. Storing them like this takes a bit of the thinking out..

Below: Finishing touch: I had picked up these mugs for $1 each in an opshop thinking i would have a cute 'tea area', huh! sooooooo, never happened. Whereas this re purposing works a lot better!

Ok, so feeling a little fresher ... and actually being able to see surfaces, i was ready to quickly whip up some last minute Christmas cards. Since i used flouro paint (which doesn't scan or reproduce digitally), i used the actual prints to spray glue to stiffer cards.

I printed a mix using flouro orange over the citrus print. I played around with moving the cardboard circles and tree shapes...

I ended up with unique versions of a similar design... just made the 3pm post!
more of a Happy New Year card me thinks!

oh, i'm trying to add the pin it button to each post...
but am not quite loving, (or cracking) the coding thing

Friday, December 27, 2013

Recap 4 ... Queensland

While the trip to NZ hadn't been planned, my mother's 70th family reunion had.
We were lucky to all get together on the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend...

Dudley and the teens check out the sedgeway

Husband and daughter get dropped 40ft out of a tube at Wet n wild, Gold Coast

Wonderful visiting the Queensland Art Gallery which included California Design, 

always great to see what's on at GOMA too.

Part of the eye catching 'Falling Back to Earth' by Cai Guo-Qiang

Recap part 3... Wellington

Early November we found ourselves off to Wellington to a funeral, not completely unexpected, but a goodbye. Despite the circumstances we did appreciate the loveliness the city has to offer.
Here's a snapshot:

From houses stacked in the hills...

To the harbour city...

The galleries...

The cafes...


The shops...

The upcycled...


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