Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gelli plate printing once more [no.10]

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that last week we spent 48 hours in hospital waiting to see if our son was going to have his appendix out. Yes he did, and went on to recover nicely. 
Once my 'nursing' stint was over - it was back to the shed. I ordered some new paints, including some test size tubes. I hadn't used Golden before so was itching to try them out... In Sydney Parkers art supplies stock them - but it was handy to also find them online at Blue Bazaar.

I also tried cutting some handmade stencils from cardboard..

and experimenting overlaying 2 colours - not worrying about registration
here magenta + flouro pink is overprinted on green

i just varied the position of my 'bits and pieces' 

and overprinted the colours to see what happened

i really enjoyed the mix of shapes, although it was
tempting to cover up the white space - i decided to leave it

who knew you could have this much fun with cardboard scraps? 
I think i'll try cereal packs next...

this was a spooky result from a 'ghost' print. i added a tiny bit of
yellow + white to 'clean' my plate and this is the result.


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