Monday, September 30, 2013

Gelli plate printing post no.8

Not sure if you've just dropped in, or if you've been popping in now and then. Recently i was asked "does your blog help your creativity?"
"Nuh" i replied. All that documenting, filing, scanning and posting. Are you nuts? i thought. So why do it? Well it's a bit like beating a drum or puffing out smoke signals isn't it? It helps you find your tribe. 

Currently as you may have noticed - I'm beating the 'gelli plate' drum. 
In between, I'm out and about or creating other stuff - and yes this blog documents that. And i guess if that doesn't appeal - you'll find your own tribe... that said.. druuuummmmmm roll!

Recently i set up my sewing machine in the shed. An aaah haa moment. Why did i previously use the dining room table? Der. Here it is, integrated into the creative mess space.

So now i can add to those gelli plate printed collages

Helping them along...

Building on what's there...

Or just a subtle addition..

paper or fabric, sew can't help myself.


Win Dinn said...

Love the grey/white one...beautifully subtle, and that's from a colour pig!

deborah wolff said...

Love the stitching on your prints!

Shelbyville said...

Ooooh, I do love it when people mix paper and sewing together. Such beautiful results T! Good job you moved that machine out to the shed ;)

Sandy said...

Please, can I join your tribe? Loved that reason for blogging- and of course I love your work!

Mammarte said...

Loving your Gelli prints and sewwing detail/collage.


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