Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gelli plate printing plus cut and paste

So, if like me you've discovered and gone slightly crazy with gelli plate printing - now you're in the errrr gelliplate printing management phase. As in 'how on earth do i manage all this paper i've printed?' my suggestion is firstly divide it into 1)paper to cut up, 2)paper to print over the top of 
3) keep it like it is.
The cutting it up pile can be subdivided into 
1) for journalling 2) collage 3) other.
I found an old children's book and trimmed my papers to page size ready to create an altered book/journal

playing with new tools - textured rolling pins i picked a colour palette with the aim of covering up all the white space.

then i made little pouches/gift bags (just folded, sealed with washi tape and a circle punch to make a dip at the top -so items can be removed easily). Then there was the cut and paste
collage with details added digitally

collage that is structured...

collage that is playing around with 'random' shapes, these are great solutions for prints that perhaps didn't turn out how you planned.

I'm thinking of adding some stitching to this one...

"Clocking on" made a lovely a4 print on art paper. 
How are you 'managing'?


Susan King said...

My first bunch of prints will get made into an art journal. Now I'm trying to print with a purpose LOL So, I made some ATC's, for example. Otherwise I know I'll end up with acres of papers and I already have acres from all of the other stuff I try! LOL

Bearcrazyman said...

Great Ideas.


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