Monday, September 30, 2013

Gelli plate printing no.9

So as the days fly by - the alarm gets set, the bus boarded, the logging on logging off. Usually i like to 'book in' some creative time on the weekend. Yep, currently it does involve printing with the gelli plate. Last weekend i was all set to explore 'interesting' colour palettes, but then i found myself squeezing out the greens, again...

What you can't see is me huffing and puffing as Sydney Spring reached 30 degrees C with very dry winds. The paint was being sucked dry rapidly. (i have used mediums previously to slow this down). but here's what happened...

'pack up and stitch' i told myself. 'just one more' I answered. So.. i kept layering..

I also mixed some transparent acrylic with glaze medium (above)

Then i just tried some hand cut rubber stamps, leaf stencils cut from freezer paper oh, and a beer to chill me out (that was after the conversation with myself, for the record).

The above, i sliced up and rearranged as postcards below

So that's what's been happening in my shed lately. Off to set the alarm

Gelli plate printing post no.8

Not sure if you've just dropped in, or if you've been popping in now and then. Recently i was asked "does your blog help your creativity?"
"Nuh" i replied. All that documenting, filing, scanning and posting. Are you nuts? i thought. So why do it? Well it's a bit like beating a drum or puffing out smoke signals isn't it? It helps you find your tribe. 

Currently as you may have noticed - I'm beating the 'gelli plate' drum. 
In between, I'm out and about or creating other stuff - and yes this blog documents that. And i guess if that doesn't appeal - you'll find your own tribe... that said.. druuuummmmmm roll!

Recently i set up my sewing machine in the shed. An aaah haa moment. Why did i previously use the dining room table? Der. Here it is, integrated into the creative mess space.

So now i can add to those gelli plate printed collages

Helping them along...

Building on what's there...

Or just a subtle addition..

paper or fabric, sew can't help myself.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gelli plate printing.. continues

Sometimes when i 'step up' to the gelli plate, i have a vision, well at lest i think i do. But then as i begin it seems to take on a life of its' own. When this happens i decide to just go with it and errr. just fill the white space..

Then i cut a stencil from freezer paper and overlayed my colours.
Then i hand painted some shapes as final touches.

I stepped back - and this is what had occurred.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find one's gelli mojo. When this happens I've decided to jsut keep layering. Once i 'don't care' interesting things also happen...

I particularly like this one as it captures the Aussie bush.
 The other weekend i thought i'd try fabric - in the form of old white pillowcases... i used the same techniques - stamping and layering

Then i cut up smaller bits for a fabric 'collage'

and now i've started stitching.. bit by bit

Using machine stitching to hold in place - then working back into the pieces,
responding to what is there. Quite meditative really...

art about part 2

If you follow me, dudleyred on instagram you would've seen last week's giant snails. As part of Sydney's art and about - art in unusual places. I figure - if they are going to go and put it there - the least i can do is track it down - so at lunch.. and after work.. off i went:

they were actually moving ... at errr snails pace...

World Square was also airing Sydney's 'dirty laundry/secrets'

Art and about part 1

Last weekend was Sydney's first Contemporary Art Fair, held at Carriageworks, Redfern. At first i was sceptical - but then after seeing some great pics being posted on instagram we booked out tickets and went. Held over 4 days at $25 a ticket over 28,000 people viewed some great works from 80 galleries from around the world, here are a few of my faves.

mono from the front of the display - coloured in the reflection..aahh

was kicking myself for not videoing this on instagram as it was an animation
within a 2d work form China art project/island 6. Same applies for this animated neon below:

Visitors could curate their own catalogue as they viewed - by collecting
postcards from each gallery and adding them to a clip.

Love these pieces by Dai Li, Heiser Gallery QLD.

Like a 3d dot painting...

works by artist Julia De Ville

awesome cardboard sculpture


Lyndi Sales M contemporary gallery

Wow, talk about visual overload. But yet wonderful to
see folk enjoying art in whatever form it took.


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