Monday, August 5, 2013

weekend away

Saturday morning we set off on a short road trip...

It took about 2.5-3 hrs to get to Goulburn, where we stopped at The Roses Cafe for a stop, revive and survive. Too many amazing food groups to choose from. I scoffed a chicken + mushroom pie, we went thirds in this apple crumble muffin.

we wandered around, checking out the sites..

found the market (on the first Saturday of the month)

some great bits and pieces

with a retro vibe...

The 8 degrees C (feels like 4, with wind chill) meant we were soon on our way again..

It was The Church at Laggan was where we spent the night.
One of 8 churches in the town, the pews were then replaces with 'ewes' when it became a shearing shed.
While the outside was picturesque, the inside was quite divine...

Every detail had been considered and the fires, including one in the bathroom, were particularly welcome.

the road winding down to the local town....

Yes, it was peaceful and relaxing, but i couldn't help flit about photographing every possible surface + view. Here's one through the fly screen of the church window. I love how it looks like a colour-by-numbers cross-stitch. I'm happy with my souvenir postcard..looks great printed on art paper.

It does however take more than 24 hours to make me stop still - so i did begin a little sewing project from the dining table, including a teabag and some muslin i dyed with tea + charcoal...

now back to editing those photos...

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