Saturday, August 24, 2013

Going dotti with gelli plate printing

For ages i've been meaning to record a video... various obstacles presented. (The usual ones: lack of time, big technical learning curve etc etc )
Then I discovered Magisto app. It promised to basically make videos for me. Well, it pretty much did. I used my iphone (well my son pressed the record button and held it as the other obstacle was misplacing the tripod). The app splices it all up and you can choose the look/feel/music.
This is not meant as an instructional video - it's just to give you the 'gist'

As you my have seen i have experimented with a few techniques - but this simple dot + dab approach can be a quick result
(think wrapping paper, cards, collage)
All i did was squirt out small splodges in 4 colours then lightly rolled..

Here's the first print:

For the second one - no extra paint was added - just more pressure applied

Then i added a bit of white and water spray -
resulting in a more subdued look, also great as a backdrop for stamping or lino printing.

Having about 83 hobbies means i have various tools on hand - including a 'circle' punch, great! for patterned papers. I punched out a few from papers i had gelli printed earlier and stuck 'em down.

So, now i can cobble together a quick video - i maybe able to show you some of my other discoveries. (i hope you also enjoy the music which was 'composed' by my 15yr old son, aawwwww)

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