Sunday, August 11, 2013

gelli plate printing ... again

sometimes it's not possible to have a thought out plan. sometimes just a starting  point for colours or patterns is enough. All i had today was pink, turquoise and plaid. Then i cut them up and reorganised into a collage.

when i'd had enough pink i lightly printed some mustard over the top...
even over the top patterns and colours can be chopped up and repurposed to form new shapes.

once you start cutting and pasting (with actual scissors + glue)
it's addictive again on a whole other level. Now I've scanned these in they make cute little postcards!


Cassandra said...

Love how you collage your gelli prints, gorgeous colour and pattern combinations!

Kim Henkel said...

So nicely done! I love how you have cut them up and rearranged to make a different type of beauty. Monoprinting and collaging - I am sure I could get easily addicted.

Julie Gillespie said...

These are very cool. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration.


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