Sunday, August 25, 2013

The wabi-sabi way

Have you heard of mixed media artist Serena Barton? She is also the author of Wabi-sabi art workshop and has a separate blog for that here. It seemed like the ideal start to my week on holiday.

As Serena explains "Wabi-sabi is an aesthetic that values the passing of time, the seasoning of time and the elements, the handmade and the simple". In her book Serena demonstrates how to be inspired from your own photos and how to use that to create textural and abstract pieces.

She provides step by step examples and offers lots of great ideas. A process that got me in, was the idea of painting with re-inkers - the bottles meant to give life to dried up ink pads. Not being blessed with a huge variety of art stores in Sydney, I found my inks online here and some great little boards here.

I must admit i didn't follow any of Serena's examples - BUT they were so inspiring and gave me the starting point and explained the essence of the approach. I couldn't wait to sort through my photos and create a texture/wabi-sabi folder. I started with this one:

Snapped on my iphone one day at the beach, then processed through phototoaster app. Using Serena's painting with re-inkers method I created this:
"into the water" reinkers on board 125mm x 175mm
I also thought this method would work with one of my iphone shots taken while on a road trip, as the car was moving (obviously i was the passenger). I really like this shot as it as - but decided to use it as a starting point anyway.

iphone shot processed via snapseed app.
It took me a while to work out what to do with the trees, in the end i used a bit of ink then scratched them off. I have a love/hate relationship with painting landscape!
"on the road" reinkers on board 125mm x 175mm
Once I'd got that out of my system i wanted to try something a little more abstract. Sorting through my (iphone pics) i found these two:

I really liked the way they worked together also. So embracing imperfection i created this
"hands free" reinkers + acrylic on board 200mm x 150mm
I did actually have to work with 'happy accidents' too as i decided to use transfer artist paper to get the 'actual' image onto the board, but it didn't quite all transfer - so i had to work with this and paint some back in.  
It was however fun times in the shed. Thanks Serena!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Going dotti with gelli plate printing

For ages i've been meaning to record a video... various obstacles presented. (The usual ones: lack of time, big technical learning curve etc etc )
Then I discovered Magisto app. It promised to basically make videos for me. Well, it pretty much did. I used my iphone (well my son pressed the record button and held it as the other obstacle was misplacing the tripod). The app splices it all up and you can choose the look/feel/music.
This is not meant as an instructional video - it's just to give you the 'gist'

As you my have seen i have experimented with a few techniques - but this simple dot + dab approach can be a quick result
(think wrapping paper, cards, collage)
All i did was squirt out small splodges in 4 colours then lightly rolled..

Here's the first print:

For the second one - no extra paint was added - just more pressure applied

Then i added a bit of white and water spray -
resulting in a more subdued look, also great as a backdrop for stamping or lino printing.

Having about 83 hobbies means i have various tools on hand - including a 'circle' punch, great! for patterned papers. I punched out a few from papers i had gelli printed earlier and stuck 'em down.

So, now i can cobble together a quick video - i maybe able to show you some of my other discoveries. (i hope you also enjoy the music which was 'composed' by my 15yr old son, aawwwww)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

gelli plate printing ... again

sometimes it's not possible to have a thought out plan. sometimes just a starting  point for colours or patterns is enough. All i had today was pink, turquoise and plaid. Then i cut them up and reorganised into a collage.

when i'd had enough pink i lightly printed some mustard over the top...
even over the top patterns and colours can be chopped up and repurposed to form new shapes.

once you start cutting and pasting (with actual scissors + glue)
it's addictive again on a whole other level. Now I've scanned these in they make cute little postcards!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Country snaps

So, as you may  have gathered - i do love to take a photo. Something about capturing a time, place, moment. I also love looking at shape, colour and texture. Then there's matching it all up. Here's a 'snap shot of the weekend... Some are from my Sony A390, some are my iphone 4. 
You may have seen some of my instagram if you follow dudleyred

Aahhh, all that inspiration... where to begin?
i hope you enjoyed the journey too.

weekend away

Saturday morning we set off on a short road trip...

It took about 2.5-3 hrs to get to Goulburn, where we stopped at The Roses Cafe for a stop, revive and survive. Too many amazing food groups to choose from. I scoffed a chicken + mushroom pie, we went thirds in this apple crumble muffin.

we wandered around, checking out the sites..

found the market (on the first Saturday of the month)

some great bits and pieces

with a retro vibe...

The 8 degrees C (feels like 4, with wind chill) meant we were soon on our way again..

It was The Church at Laggan was where we spent the night.
One of 8 churches in the town, the pews were then replaces with 'ewes' when it became a shearing shed.
While the outside was picturesque, the inside was quite divine...

Every detail had been considered and the fires, including one in the bathroom, were particularly welcome.

the road winding down to the local town....

Yes, it was peaceful and relaxing, but i couldn't help flit about photographing every possible surface + view. Here's one through the fly screen of the church window. I love how it looks like a colour-by-numbers cross-stitch. I'm happy with my souvenir postcard..looks great printed on art paper.

It does however take more than 24 hours to make me stop still - so i did begin a little sewing project from the dining table, including a teabag and some muslin i dyed with tea + charcoal...

now back to editing those photos...


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