Sunday, July 21, 2013

Out and about: Meetup

I just found this post in my drafts:

The other weekend on what was a very wet and fairly bleak Saturday,
i ventured out..

Off to the city...

I hadn't been to the Australian Museum for quite some years...

But I was here  to join the Sydney Sketch Club. I joined the group via facebook. About 20 keen artists braved the elements. After brief introduction we chose our desired locations/specimens and errrr.. sketched.

The spaces infront of the cabinets all quite small -
so at this point i was glad of my postcard size paper, which i had also pre coloured.
We had 2 hrs - then regrouped to see everyones work.

I also took along some of my gelli plate printed monoprints. In my mind i was creating loose ink washed sketches, but in reality i created these.

This one i nearly didn't do. I had 15-20 minutes left and was a bit overwhelmed by the detail (and hungry!) so i just quickly tried to do the one bottom right. The background + texture helped it along a bit. It made me realise i should sketch a little more often - but colouring in was fun!

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