Monday, July 8, 2013

Nature walk for one

So it's Winter in Sydney right now - but on glorious days that does mean clear blue skies and warmth in the sun. Where going out is warmer than staying in. Before i could get in the shed on Saturday i took myself off for some natural inspiration.

This track is 5 minutes from our house... it leads to Manly Dam

I walked around a bit. Listened to the water gently lapping. I avoided these geese. I 'collected' a few bits and pieces from the ground...

I came back and snapped them with my iphone.
This is how a few turned out...

I uploaded low res only for blog purposes.
I use Photo toaster app to colour correct.
I love the surprise results from what seems like
a random bag of litter and leaves.

1 comment:

Kim Henkel said...

I LOVE what you can do with a little bag of findings! What a delight! and how Fun!


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