Monday, July 1, 2013

bit of a recap: bright lights, big city

So if you follow me on instagram at dudleyred, you'll know i haven't fallen under a bus. Collapsed in a heap here and there, perhaps.
Here's some of what i've been up to and what i've seen.

Mid May to early June sees Sydney come alight with Vivid, festival of Light music and ideas - for more info see here.

My first glimpse was the appearance of these 'blossom trees' along Pyrmont bridge one lunch time.

Which taa daa! came all aglow come 6pm.

Other crowd pleasers were the MCA which had a soundtrack too.

Not forgetting Sydney's iconic Opera House which was even more beautiful.

The projection onto the facade of Custom's House gave the illusion of movement with an animated lobster appearing as the speakers blurted out "Rock Lobster".

We were lucky to have a mild winter night and wander amongst the many installations, how magical are these lovely milk crate lanterns?

Lights to walk amongst, interact with or just instie!

It's interesting how these days a hash tag and a keyword can create excitement. I would look at the #vivid feed and think: I must go! And so i did, these just being a few of my many snaps. This year was a success - with apps and maps to follow, it did make the start of winter easier to take.

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Irving said...

This is gorgeous!


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