Sunday, July 21, 2013

Out and about: Meetup

I just found this post in my drafts:

The other weekend on what was a very wet and fairly bleak Saturday,
i ventured out..

Off to the city...

I hadn't been to the Australian Museum for quite some years...

But I was here  to join the Sydney Sketch Club. I joined the group via facebook. About 20 keen artists braved the elements. After brief introduction we chose our desired locations/specimens and errrr.. sketched.

The spaces infront of the cabinets all quite small -
so at this point i was glad of my postcard size paper, which i had also pre coloured.
We had 2 hrs - then regrouped to see everyones work.

I also took along some of my gelli plate printed monoprints. In my mind i was creating loose ink washed sketches, but in reality i created these.

This one i nearly didn't do. I had 15-20 minutes left and was a bit overwhelmed by the detail (and hungry!) so i just quickly tried to do the one bottom right. The background + texture helped it along a bit. It made me realise i should sketch a little more often - but colouring in was fun!

Monotone, monoprint, gelli plate

Sometimes when faced with one's paints and gelli plate it can be a little overwhelming. Where to start? What colour palette? blah blah blah. The other weekend i decided to stick to mono. Keep it grey, layer it up.

A few speckles, a few splodges.

A stencil here and there.

Ghost print or two.

Then i got out some distress ink pads blended + inked, then cut out shapes

Using postcard size ATC (artist trading card) chipboards i collaged away..

I love how the gelli plate texture added to these

I could see a series beginning here...

On some other pieces i layered a bit of colour and added some stamping with a home made foam stamp (the texture created on the foam with a wood burning tool)

the distress ink also gave a lovely effect on a bubble wrap print.

Combination, and or:

I used a scan of my gelli plate monotone monoprint and combined it with my iphone shot (from last blog post) and printed this out on ivory watercolour paper from my inkjet printer.
So sweet! .. oh the possibilities.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nature walk for one

So it's Winter in Sydney right now - but on glorious days that does mean clear blue skies and warmth in the sun. Where going out is warmer than staying in. Before i could get in the shed on Saturday i took myself off for some natural inspiration.

This track is 5 minutes from our house... it leads to Manly Dam

I walked around a bit. Listened to the water gently lapping. I avoided these geese. I 'collected' a few bits and pieces from the ground...

I came back and snapped them with my iphone.
This is how a few turned out...

I uploaded low res only for blog purposes.
I use Photo toaster app to colour correct.
I love the surprise results from what seems like
a random bag of litter and leaves.

Monday, July 1, 2013

weather update

Do you like weather watching? so easy with a smartphone camera. I read somewhere something about observing the seasons keeps you grounded. That may or may not be so - but as it's constantly changing it's fun to record those moments in time.
Here's some of mine:

Many of my images are shot through the bus window....

Then there was Sydney fog

Now we've just had 8 days of solid rain

So as you get sucked along in life's whirlwind maybe pause a while to check out the weather, 'capture' it if you can - you never know when or what you might do with those moments.

bit of a recap: bright lights, big city

So if you follow me on instagram at dudleyred, you'll know i haven't fallen under a bus. Collapsed in a heap here and there, perhaps.
Here's some of what i've been up to and what i've seen.

Mid May to early June sees Sydney come alight with Vivid, festival of Light music and ideas - for more info see here.

My first glimpse was the appearance of these 'blossom trees' along Pyrmont bridge one lunch time.

Which taa daa! came all aglow come 6pm.

Other crowd pleasers were the MCA which had a soundtrack too.

Not forgetting Sydney's iconic Opera House which was even more beautiful.

The projection onto the facade of Custom's House gave the illusion of movement with an animated lobster appearing as the speakers blurted out "Rock Lobster".

We were lucky to have a mild winter night and wander amongst the many installations, how magical are these lovely milk crate lanterns?

Lights to walk amongst, interact with or just instie!

It's interesting how these days a hash tag and a keyword can create excitement. I would look at the #vivid feed and think: I must go! And so i did, these just being a few of my many snaps. This year was a success - with apps and maps to follow, it did make the start of winter easier to take.


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