Sunday, May 26, 2013

MCA Zine Fair 2013

Today i was lucky to be part of the annual MCA zine fair. Thanks to all those that came by to say hi!
It was a great vibe - a real mix of folk that made people watching very enjoyable. On the downside i didn't get to cruise the other stalls as much as i would've liked. So this post is completely lacking in links and reviews, sorry! Here's a few pics though...

my little area...

My zine fair neighbour, poet Chris Mansell in action.

Clare, my other zine fair neighbour - lovely work!

Mr R made me a lovely 'line' to hang my wares.

As usual it was a lovely diverse mix, sorry i can't tell you more. If you were unable to make it I'll be uploading my zines to my Etsy shop soonish.

1 comment:

Chris Mansell said...

And lovely to share a space with you - now so long ago!

(I only just came across these pics.)


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