Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gelli plate printing, once more.

Are you someone who checks your facebook in the morning/while commuting to work? I love/hate  the gelli plate arts facebook feed.. Love, because they have so many great links. Hate, because i have to wait until i am home again/it's the weekend. (note: gelli plate is a supercool 'thing' to create monoprints with). Recently i read about Carla Sondheim and it didn't take me long to sign up to her online class. In between folding zines for the latest Sydney fair i HAD to try her techniques. Firstly i needed a colour palette. Being Autumn these were at the front door.

Off i went, starting with ochre + yellow (all acrylics)

We worked on several prints at a time, playing with layering the colours.

It is a totally experimental process

With no rights, or wrongs.

I have the smaller size plate - so afterwards i cut a 'frame' from card and created a viewing window, which crops the whole A4 sheet to the size of the images you see here. I found that helped me see which bits we working, or not.

Below: is one of my un-cropped prints

Can't believe I had never added water before! der!

For the last couple of techniques i decided to try a new colour palette
While there is some thinking involved..

... 'mucking around' is great.
At this point i had to go and make dinner for the family. Although as it was Nigella's greek lamb stew this wasn't too bad a finish to a fun time.. how many hours 'til next weekend?

MCA Zine Fair 2013

Today i was lucky to be part of the annual MCA zine fair. Thanks to all those that came by to say hi!
It was a great vibe - a real mix of folk that made people watching very enjoyable. On the downside i didn't get to cruise the other stalls as much as i would've liked. So this post is completely lacking in links and reviews, sorry! Here's a few pics though...

my little area...

My zine fair neighbour, poet Chris Mansell in action.

Clare, my other zine fair neighbour - lovely work!

Mr R made me a lovely 'line' to hang my wares.

As usual it was a lovely diverse mix, sorry i can't tell you more. If you were unable to make it I'll be uploading my zines to my Etsy shop soonish.

Trial run

After doing a trial run of my stall in the kitchen .. I'm ready to roll. On my way into the city to the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Zine Fair, part of the Sydney Writers Festival. Sunday May 26, 11-4pm.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

time away...

Four weeks ago we had a family holiday in Vietnam. It was my first time visiting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. We had 12 days and it was an amazing experience. I organised the whole thing online myself - which is my excuse for neglecting this blog. I wanted to share the colour palette that i saw as being: Vietnam. I have just finished putting together a zine:

Which is a mix of my photos, tips + things we discovered. I will be launching this next Sunday May 26, 11-4, at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art Zine Fair
Pop by and say hi if you're in town.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Been away...

Apologies for the break in transmission
Have had a little time off..
Including an amazing trip to Vietnam, details soon!


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