Monday, March 18, 2013

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The other weekend we went to check out the newly opened show at the White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney. Titled "Smash Palace" which stems from the fact that "Under Mao, the Communist Party set out to “smash the Four Olds”: customs, culture, habits and ideas. Now the “new China” it built is itself under assault.
Having tasted freedom, many people want more than the system is prepared to give.
If you follow me (dudleyred) on instagram, you may have seen some of my favourites

This sculpture referenced giving away the heart - much as we might put out the recycling

This piece was 3D printed and was inspired by an architectural model - yet here the city has been plagued by beasts and turned monstrous

this piece was spectacular enough from a distance,
you could smell the paint on entering the room

but close inspection revealed the 70kg of paint
had been squeezed from icing bags

Here the 'balloon' is constantly inflating and deflating affecting the space

another city landscape this one afflicted with natural looking organisms

we briefly made a pit stop in Surry Hills

I sampled the Bourke St Bakery pork + fennel sausage roll.

Then it was off the Art Gallery of NSW to check out Art Express.
In it's 30th year the works are all doen by final year high school art students.
So that means they are 17-18 yrs old. You can see all the works here

I love the diversity and the mixed media nature of the exhibition

These were intricate paper cut outs using paint swatches,
 titled: "first world problems" they made me smile

These were knitted and stitched and featured photographs of family members wearing masks

This featured a row from 'suburbia'

Also some beautiful drawing and illustration.

So lucky to see such a mix of work in one place...
now what to do with that newly found inspiration?

I did find this on the ground near the car - and photographed it
here on my pillowcase, just a flicker of creativity.
What do you do with your inspiration? How do you harness it?


Jenny said...

these high school pieces are so amazing. It makes me happy to see these young artists getting the support they need to create! I am super excited that your blog is finally showing up in my reader. I have added your blog about a million times and it has never popped up. Whoo hoo!

Shelbyville said...

Hello beautiful lady!

Wonderful to visit your blog after I've been out of the blogosphere for far too long. It feels like visiting an old friend, and it's been so nice to catch up again on all your creative endeavours... :)

In other news, I've just spent an evening compiling a new blog post in reply to being nominated for some wacky thing called the Liebster award, and part of that is 'paying forward' the appreciation. So I have in turn nominated your dear kind self! Please whizz over to Shelbyville to find out all the lovely details.

Thinking of you!

Michelle xxx


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