Saturday, February 16, 2013

Photographic fun

A few years (perhaps 3) I bought a Sony A390, it's been great - the only thing was that i didn't buy another lens. During the summer break i purchased an inexpensive macro, telephoto + wide angle lens set on Ebay. It also came with a 'step-up' ring to convert the camera from 55-58mm. It can be frustrating that things are outdated so quickly - and the camera is still working well...
A couple of weeks ago - it was birthday, i didn't need anything but did request a bunch of flowers 

on the friday night so i could enjoy (and photograph them heaps) on the weekend.
Here is how the new lens went:

(obviously these are not the large hi res files)
then i gave the iphone and a couple of apps a whirl...

This one is one of my faves - a slightly Asian feel.
(might have been pic grunger or vintique app)

So yes, photographic fun indeed. Er... without leaving the house.

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