Saturday, February 2, 2013

pattern making

When i was on holiday i found myself doing a bit of web surfing, i enjoyed swiping through MOYO magazine. It's a digital publication about surface pattern design, you can find it here...
Rachel  and Beth the collaborators on the project had set a challenge to do 3 patterns based on/inspired by architecture. While i thought about complicated patterns found in historic European buildings, i decided to focus on something closer to home... I started with some iphone snaps from around the neighbourhood.

When i distilled it right down - there wasn't much to it! Lots of rectangles. But i was also reminded of mosaics and 'crazing paving' from post war interiors and exteriors. I carved some basic shapes from rubber and started stamping.. after scanning these in and playing around here are my final 3 patterns:
I considered terracotta - but felt these were very Australian and worked well together. I also liked this 'scribble' which basically just said 'lawn' to me. But since the brief was architecture - i discounted it.

I also had a little 'gelli plate' time too - experimenting with templates cut from thin card and placing them on the plate - using both the negative and positive shapes.

It's hard to decide when to 'stop' as the first prints look great - but so can some layering

This one below i printed on a sheet of paper that had crayon scrawled on it

This one below is a gelli plate print scanned and repeated digitally

I must pick up the plate and experiment some more!

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