Saturday, February 2, 2013

Out and about...

While we have had temperatures in the low forties (centigrade), we have also had a fair bit of rain. last Sunday we ventured to the MCA to check out the Anish Kapoor exhibition. This dish is probably quite striking on a sunny day, but alas last grey Sunday...

The underside was more picture worthy..

However, once inside the gallery - the exhibition was not only intriguing it was ... fun!
So many optical illusions and mirrored surfaces... one could just experiment with a self portrait..

...or two...

and who knew about fractals???? so much entertainment right there.

I enjoyed watching others observe the pieces...

The one below seemed ordinary enough until you realised the figures getting bigger as they approached the lens

It was also interesting that so many 'strangers' were discussing the works with each other as they discovered them. I do like it when you can take photos - to me it really adds to my experience and lets me enjoy it later (as i become gallery weary/overwhelmed). Do you?
Such fun.

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Kim Henkel said...

Thanks for looks such fun, and living so remote I count on visits to galleries second hand! Loved the visit!


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