Saturday, February 16, 2013

another set up..

Remember a few weeks ago when the instagram vignette challenge was on? Well Jen decided to do one at the start of each month.. i wasn't going to get involved this time. But, then out came the iphone and well, before i knew it little vignettes were taking place.

#1: Books i wanted to convey the childhood wonder of being taken to
 another world through words + pictures.

#2: Love the expression speaks for itself

#2: Love an alternative, using my (very old) childhood teddy.

#3: Texture things found in the garden

#3: Texture an alternative, love a bit of rust - i found these in my stash

#4: Shiny i really enjoy chunky jewellery - these are the shiniest items in my possession.
Couldn't help but theme them!

#5: Old i just borrowed a few bits from my husbands office. The painting was by his grandmother of his father, the police man from his aunt, the car a model of the 1972 Alfa he drove when we met.

#6: Pattern i recently discovered "vera' and she is the Queen of gorgeous patterns.
I seem to be drawn to this colour palette.

#7: Cushions simple, but sweet.
Why not join in - or set yourself a challenge?

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