Sunday, February 24, 2013

stamp making

Recently i downloaded stamp making adventures from the Interweave website, put it on a flash drive - slotted it into the tv and hey presto! I figured that I would've easily paid that to attend a class and here i was in my lounge room at the time that suited me. One of the tools demonstrated was a wood burning one. I couldn't wait to try it out on a piece of thick foam.

I made some marks. Cut out my shapes and fine tuned the designs.

I pressed them into my inked up gelli plate

i then used them like a 'stamp' over the print too.

I had also played around with layering the gelli plate, hand carved rubber stamps and markers.

I really enjoyed using hand cut paper stencils and stamps - they looked photo worthy on their own!

Shame it's the end of the weekend i would've liked to experiment some more...

Even ripping up scraps and adding washi tape was looking appealing...
'til next time...

too good to be zoo...

Last Saturday the rain was bucketing down, ever the optimists we carried on regardless..
I tried out the new lens pack on the A390 - this time the telephoto one... here's a few of my faves..
Although not the hi res.

Although i also had the iphone on hand too ...
you may have seen these on instagram, if you search dudleyred

Later when the sun came out this view was completely different, ie: the goats had all moved
so there were some benefits to braving the weather. I love the juxtaposition of these elements.
Since for those of you not familiar with Sydney - Taronga Zoo is in the suburbs, about 30 minutes from the CBD.

I don't think i can 'turn' these into a project as such. But it was great to just be out and about clearing the head and enjoying some photographic action.

PS: my mac keeps adding random ++++ so it has made using it a little less appealing :(

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beach walk

Last Sunday was quite warm, i had imagined an ocean swim. We had a new student arrive to stay for 5 weeks - so we took her for a beach walk. Just as we left the house the weather came over stormy, the light was interesting for a few instagram pics. You may have seen these if you follow me: dudleyred
taken along the Curl Curl to Freshwater walk

Me, meditating life as a space cadet

I do love editing the landscape with a view finder - don't you?

Photographic fun

A few years (perhaps 3) I bought a Sony A390, it's been great - the only thing was that i didn't buy another lens. During the summer break i purchased an inexpensive macro, telephoto + wide angle lens set on Ebay. It also came with a 'step-up' ring to convert the camera from 55-58mm. It can be frustrating that things are outdated so quickly - and the camera is still working well...
A couple of weeks ago - it was birthday, i didn't need anything but did request a bunch of flowers 

on the friday night so i could enjoy (and photograph them heaps) on the weekend.
Here is how the new lens went:

(obviously these are not the large hi res files)
then i gave the iphone and a couple of apps a whirl...

This one is one of my faves - a slightly Asian feel.
(might have been pic grunger or vintique app)

So yes, photographic fun indeed. Er... without leaving the house.

another set up..

Remember a few weeks ago when the instagram vignette challenge was on? Well Jen decided to do one at the start of each month.. i wasn't going to get involved this time. But, then out came the iphone and well, before i knew it little vignettes were taking place.

#1: Books i wanted to convey the childhood wonder of being taken to
 another world through words + pictures.

#2: Love the expression speaks for itself

#2: Love an alternative, using my (very old) childhood teddy.

#3: Texture things found in the garden

#3: Texture an alternative, love a bit of rust - i found these in my stash

#4: Shiny i really enjoy chunky jewellery - these are the shiniest items in my possession.
Couldn't help but theme them!

#5: Old i just borrowed a few bits from my husbands office. The painting was by his grandmother of his father, the police man from his aunt, the car a model of the 1972 Alfa he drove when we met.

#6: Pattern i recently discovered "vera' and she is the Queen of gorgeous patterns.
I seem to be drawn to this colour palette.

#7: Cushions simple, but sweet.
Why not join in - or set yourself a challenge?


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