Wednesday, January 2, 2013

real life: changing rooms

Happy New Year and happy holidays to you! It woud be nice to have been lazing on a beach somewhere, but in fact my first week off before Christmas was a little busy. We had decided that it was time for a change around, so this seemed like a good as time as any.

First this purple wall had to go as we were moving our kitchen table back into this room - so needed the illusion of light.

There, that was a quick fix, although we still need to do the
other 3 walls and ceiling.

It's good to be realistic with what can be done in 8 days!

Then there was more purple in the lounge to deal with

and.. the fireplace to disguise and a peeling cornice..

OMG! the two of us and a couple of days later..
Usually i like to paint small, not walls AND ceilings, but it was worth it!
Just about managed to get the Christmas tree up in time...
Meanwhile, at the back of the house, Mr R (not son, seen here) had recently
added a half wall and sliding door to 

what was a dining room/home office... (seen before, below)

is now a 'presidential suite', ie: our bedroom with my computer desk,
and has a lovely reading nook (below).

While the tiny teen room that was... (a little cluttered)

is on it's way to being Mr R's home office

while our old crowded bedroom for 2..
is on it's way to being a spacious teen retreat for one, or a visiting few...
This also involved painting: undercoat, top coat + ceiling..!

So, yuh, it does seem strange sharing our house in it's various stages, but then what is the point of moaning about how the first 8 days of my holiday was working on a reshuffle - if you can't see it? Then there was Christmas and all that came with it.. but as i sit here on the second day of the year i do feel like i can start the year a little fresher!
are you feeling in need of a change, or revived?

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Kim Henkel said...

My goodness you were ambitious...and just before Christmas. I too am feeling the need for a change, but first I need to try to get rid of some of the junk that both my hubby and I seem to hang onto. That is my January assignment. We will see where it takes me.
Your house looks GREAT! It must feel wonderful to have it done and a fresh start to 2013!


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