Thursday, January 3, 2013

Creative rambling...

I don't know about you, but when i feel the need to create something - photography is the easiest place to start. Bascially you just find or arrange a subject, click and that's it. So that was my first creative venture. Before Christmas a lovely e-friend posted (as in real mail) a box of bits. She had seen my found object series of photography and thought i might like some 'bits' Indeed i did! here's what she sent...
Here's how it went...

I love how the compositions have a life of their own.
the objects just seem to arrange themselves.

i placed the items on a blank canvas and shot from above with my iphone

they have been tweaked slightly using photo toaster app

Then it was time to loosen up - just a random line walk - zen doodle perhaps?
Obviously i am a bit all over  the place ( a january manifestation perhaps?)
- so out came the colour

and some splodges

i scanned them in .. and re arranged..

sorry? what's that? the ipad is calling - or is that a lie down?

1 comment:

Kim Henkel said...

WOW what wonderful creations from your 'box of bits' I love each and every one of them! Very very fun and inspiring.


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