Thursday, January 3, 2013

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 So there i was, a fresh change, a new space to lounge. Christmas done. Now what? an email from announcing their sale. (but you already have lots of mags on your ipad already, i hear myself say). Yes, but why not take this opportunity to see if there is anything else i might like. Hmmm, with single issues under $3 and yearly subscriptions at $9.99, who was i to say no?

This is from Canadian Flare so striking and a 12 amazing shots for the zodiac signs

While Nylon (U.S) has a wonderful exuberance and refreshing
use of illustration
While Quilting Arts magazine could show me how to turn photographs to fabric, how to make a handy reference journal of my images. If it was sketching i was after Artist & illustrator could show me how to distill my location to a simple sketch.

THEN there was Vogue Japan OMG! and i couldn't even read it! Great layouts, gorgeous fashion. Inspiration plus.

Did you know South Africa have Elle Decoration? It's worth checking out, wonderful colour palettes, great to delve into another place photographically.

A few of the reasons (and there are a few) i love my ipad is:
1) inspiration is affordably at my swiping fingertips.
2) many publications don't make it to Australia
3) i can stay in and enjoy instantly
4) I don't have to store, sort or throw out!

So that was a pleasant day indeed. I screen grabbed my faves and printed out mini versions to stick in my scrapbook. Then i was inspired to move to create something of my own!

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