Sunday, January 20, 2013

Been and seen...

So there goes 2 weeks back at work - kids have one more week to go - what a lifestyle that is. Meanwhile as the temperatures have broken records (reaching 46 degrees), in Sydney on Friday 18th January. It's the perfect time to visit an air con gallery. One of my favourites is The White Rabbit Gallery. A private collection of contemporary Chinese works. We went along to see "Double Take"

a detail from work that is hand made models of household objects which are suspended in front of a light source to ressemble dust motes. There was something very captivating about this.

This is a detail of a full size figure made from paper - the artist is also a book maker. The next shot is of a figure that began the same way but was then dis-assembled or disembowelled?

This is a crop of a full size bike + side car used during the war (there was also a jeep), all made entirely of fine wire - which was originally wrapped+ around the actual parts.

A detail of a set of paintings that had  been inspired by these books

Detail below is from a life size stitched work which replicates the artists basement front door, the detail is incredible.

This piece is a detail from a life size 'chocolate shop', which at first seems appealing - but the viewer then realises is full of weapons. The message being about how countries give each other gifts as friendly gestures.

This is detail from quite a large work - where the artist was inspired by google earth and satellite images of earth to create a sort of abstract geometric piece using Adobe illustrator and a vinyl sign cutter to create a stencil.

After being totally inspired, there is nothing better than taking a moment to chill in their wonderful cafe, where we enjoyed a iced lychee tea and chicken/ginger/coriander dumplings.

The festival of Sydney is on right now.. The Rubber Duck is an installation by a Dutch artist - and quite near my office... too good a photo opportunity to miss.

So while it takes me an hour to get to the office - it means I'm close to the beach when i get home, really handy on those 40 degree days.

Although we didn't know that our power would be out for 2 hours after this evening swim!
A definition of hell for our teenagers. Perhaps I should've let them win the game we played on the ipad (entertainment + light source in one, perfect for power cut) - instead of thrashing both of them?

Currently the Art Gallery of NSW is showing Francis Bacon, I've often caught an exhibition on Wednesday night when they do 'art after hours'.  It features a variety of guest speakers, themed music and evening cafe menu. Such a great idea to make the most of a gallery and increase its accessibility - not that it was that quiet the evening Wendy Whitely spoke about artist Brett Whitley's encounters with Bacon.

It has been great catching up on seeing stuff, including the summer movies too. Is that what you've been up to?

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