Thursday, January 3, 2013

a christmas snapshot

The days around Christmas:
there was baking, there was making
there was sharing

Who knew that despite being a tad tired from all that decorating I would be tearing around the mall one night seeking out a 'template' for my hama beads, which i so cleverly purchased online without template. I then stayed up late 'ironing' 6 decorations/napkin rings, and a necklace
(which i can now appreciate why they cost a bit in shops - 'cos they are a little fiddly to make - the usual story). Thanks to Lisa at the The Red Thread for showing me the way - click here to see her amazing results.

Then, thanks to the instagram inspiration of anthaus designs i managed to whip up a quick outdoor decoration in time for our Christmas eve gathering. Using flouro brickie line i tied together some fallen branches and painted a little flouro, then hooked a couple on the garden fence.

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