Sunday, December 16, 2012

taa daa with sparkles!

So, it's been all go.. the last week of work, the gearing up to Christmas....
Last weekend the results of my styling for our Christmas giftguide came out in the Good Weekend magazine as you may have seen (if in Australia). I also put my first gif together (using layers in photoshop) to use on the ipad version of our magazine. I did actually weave real fairy lights carefully through each set up, but in the end the twinkles were created in photoshop (based on the photographed ones). I'm a sucker for colour coding and these setups were 'fun' to put together. I try to do a sort of mood board - but eventually all the items just need to be unpacked and assembled on the day. Working out the scale of objects next to each other can be tricky... i appear to also like things with faces...

RED from left: Kid O squirrel pull toy, $30, Pencil case, $25, Pencils (the Anime Art Fantasy Kit), $20, Slim pocket notebooks, $10 each, Gear4 “Angry Birds” speaker, $149, Vase, $30, Antonio rainbow bracelets, $129 each, Cake stand, $39, Gift seeds, $10 (bag not included), Gymkhana book box, $13, Treehorn Design chopping board, $50, Pizza cutter, $10, Areaware “Micro Cubebot”, $15, Lotus grill, $299, Maxwell & Williams bird vegie peeler, $13, Acme Studios “Blobnik” eye case, $55, Tea cosy owl, $30, and Curve teapot, $42, both Hookey board with rings, $40, Guess “Magnum” watch, $259, (02) 8543 4665. Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals book, $50, Moroccan teapot $98, and glasses, $18 each, both Snowman’s Baubles chocolates, $14, Belvedere vodka, $65, 1300 136 590.
Deer decoration, $80, Maxwell & Williams mouse cheese grater, $15, Coral Teshvikiye Turkish towel, $60,

PINK from top left: Snowflake, $20, Tea towel, $25, Step bookshelf, $199, Christmas tree, $10, Finch ornaments, $25 for 24, Lady Gaga Fame fragrance set, $75, Tala pie bird, $11, Newbies wall planes, $30 for six, Teacup baking mould, $20 for two, Recipe box, $20, Hook, $20 for three, “Wayfarer” bikini, $230, PeepToe “Miss Moonlight” shoes, $259, Kate Spade wristlet, $160, Gosh Capaz styluses, $30 each, Veuve Clicquot NV sparkling rosé, $109 (with gift bag, left), “Milly” sunglasses, $199, Finnish geometric sack, $40, thesupercool.comBaubles, $2.50 for six, Vaio Duo 11 laptop, $1499, Chanel book, $130, Ceramic rollerskate doorstop, $180, Reusable coffee cup, $30, Keyboard magnets, $15 for five, (03) 9793 2662. Cushion cover (flat), $50,

 blue from left: Clic and Go painting accessories, $5, Newbies wooden butterflies, $20 for three, Alta Linea wine accessories box, $50, Air Bag leather backpack, $225, Snoop “Lucky Boy Sunday” knitted toy, $65, Small sack, $44, Silver Christmas tree, $10, Finch ornaments, $25 for 24, Evening Frame bag, $140, Newbies jewellery tree, $30, Flag necklace, $80, iShower Bluetooth shower speaker, $150, Cube magnets, $35 for 12, Circular wooden ring, $30, Noise-cancelling headphones, $249, Elk hat, $45, Small storage box, $10, and gift tags, $7 for 10, White vs Black cushion, $99, theminimalist. “Julian” sunglasses, $339, The Butler wooden organiser, $215, Shakespeare pouch, $18, and jewellery roll, $36, both Nautica watch, $229, (02) 8543 4665. “Nutcracker candle, $20, Diana Mini F+ camera, $150, Toy figures (part of beach villa set), $60, Hex iPhone cover, $49, Speck iGuy iPad holder, $50, iPad3, $498, Edward shoes, $170, Paintchip table runner, $25,

green from top left: Hot-air balloons, $65 for medium, $29 for small, Step bookshelf, $199, Metal hook, $20 for three, Large tree, $75, small tree, $20 for nine, Wood cuff, $132, Woodlands owl, $20 for eight, Neon iPad sleeve, $225, Melamine teapot thermos, $20, Robot money box, $20, coolthings. White-and-lime “Mars” necklace, $110, Paintchip placemat, $22, Storage box, $10 for small, White-and-clear “3 Stars” necklace, $99, Gummy Bear night light, $45, Ikat cushion, $79, Woodlands rabbits, $20 for eight,  Crochet bowl, $120, theminimalist. Miss Shop neon hardcase clutch, $40, Salad servers, $13, Space alien clock, $30,  Tunisian cotton towel, $65, Arcade  pinball gaming dock for  iPad, $80,  iPad3, $498,
Kate Spade “Brightspot” bag, $290,  Kid O memory game, $70,

Photography copyright Geoff Boccalatte

Now back to the rearrangement of the entire house - complete with painting..


Jenny said...

These are amazing Tara! Bravo on your great eye. I just love the colors and interesting shapes in every set-up. Girl, you're good.

reeta said...

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