Sunday, December 9, 2012

People in glass houses?

Last weekend I had a little craft punk at the Powerhouse museum.
It was a 2 hour workshop with Amy from petitie green - be sure to check out her amazing work here..
Amy explained everything we needed to know about creating our terrariums
(something i had been wanting to do for aaaaaaaaages!)

selecting our figures .... we made up our stories

 and placed our stones.

we prepared the soil...

we selected our plantings.. we positioned everything so carefully. we congratulated ourselves
we admired others
 THEN i didn't take a final photo
as i wanted the lighting to be 'just so'
THEN i packed it into a shoe box.
THEN i caught the bus.

THEN it fell off my seat.
THEN i was a little annoyed.

THEN i took all the pieces out and cleaned them.

It was an opportunity for a slight face lift.

THEN i took a photo with nice lighting, just so.


Amelia said...

am totally envious, what a cool workshop!!! Love it. I will have to do one of my own maybe here!


Kim Henkel said...

I LOVE it!!! I need to find some little "beings" to put in my little terrarium I made last week... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Robi Awaludin said...

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