Sunday, December 9, 2012

colour coded christmas..

Ahhh yes, as time marches on - there have been some festive crafts.
There was the hand carved deer stamp (using my very nice
Japanese rubber, which i have from last trip, although the white stuff works well too).

It was fun experimenting with various colours, and even
just a humble spot worked well. Then I scanned a black
print in and whipped up a jpeg to upload to vistaprint.

I used hand drawn type (on the computer using click + drag,
pen tool method). Voila! they came up rather nice. Using vistaprint
you basically just pay for upload + delivery - which makes having your
own designs very affordable. 

Then it was back to the carving...

and this time i pressed it into DAS air drying clay. I lightly sanded
them and tried out various colours and ribbons.. Although after all that -
simple is best me thinks..

Then there was the fimo moment.. I had purchased fimo 'effects'.
the white has a slight glitter, the yellow and green transparent.
perhaps you are meant to mix them? I didn't. I sliced off
bits of bead as i went since 'geos' are so right now - and let's face it, sometimes i like a trend..

I found a moment one night to thread them up.. and hello! colour pops.


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