Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wandering the streets...

Oh yes, it's all busy, busy isn't it?
Life these days, so much to see, pin, tweet, like and DO!
Last weekend i popped into the city to see Eugene Atget
at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Atget comprehensively documented the old city of Paris, recording its picturesque scenes, architectural details, and on occasion the people of its working and lower classes. In doing so he built a photographic archive of some 8500 images from which he derived a meagre income, selling his (mainly) albumen prints primarily as visual references for artists and designers, but also, as documents to Parisian libraries and archives." - AGNSW
Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville - Eugene Atget
 So after enjoying the exhibition i took to the streets with my trusty iphone - thinking "what would Eugene do?"

Would he see this as:

This? perhaps he would. Or this

As this?

Using my favourite: photo toaster app, I got all sepia + a little vignette and hey presto!
you get the idea...

 Sure, an afternoon in the studio would've been great, but an hour or so creating a few images inspired by someone else was very satisfying.
Have you ever created something after seeing an exhibition?

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lamina@do a bit said...

Such a great idea... they look fantastic! I really must go and see that exhibition...l love old photos :)


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