Monday, November 12, 2012

Making a bit

Okay, so in case i'm not back here for a few days, and incase you haven't been bombarded with my instagram pics (i'm dudleyred), you may like to know what i've been making.
It was nice to get out the fabric on the weekend..

And craft a gift for a little friend. Meet Steggie-sore-us.
That's why he has a band-aid.

Then there was time to think ahead a little..
...and decorate these mini trees.
Then yesterday it was back to that lovely clean desk to carve a stamp...

and play around with colour...

and a few dots...

What have you been 'playing' around with?


Kim Henkel said...

What FUN! Love your Steggie-sore-us! The trees look fabulous as well,as does the new stamp with the dots...I haven't even thought about the upcoming season yet. I guess I better think about it soon!

Robi Awaludin said...

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