Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brisbane part 1

Landing late Thursday night - i was ready to set out to see the Brisbane sights last Friday.
First on Shelbyville (my trusty tour guide's) list was the atmospheric Outerspace.
Perfect for brunch the converted church was a lovely space for a chat and the accompanying toddler.
The haloumi, avocado, beetroot salad set us up for the day..

We wandered around Fortitude Valley..

which was colourful and varied..

After walking around in 34 degree heat we collapsed
in Winn Lane for an iced apple + mint juice whilst admiring perhaps the worlds' smallest bookshop?

During my visit with Shelbyville i also discovered The Burrow,
would've been quite happy to be a local and try out the new beer garden..

But was content to check out the vibe and admire the cool interior - complete with blackboard art.

And try a local brew - best to keep up fluids - when in tropics.

Next morning.. it was under 8's cricket - to watch the nephew play.

There was clapping here.

The only bit i understood was how 'cool' it was when the mobile slushie
van turned up with ice ginger beer.

Duty done - sister and i headed off round the corner to Woolloongabba.. for brunch.
At this point there was a massive storm - but my phone cut out, so no incredible images
of black sky, lightening and tropical downpour. Just cute oasis where more haloumi + avocado was consumed.

When the storm stopped we headed to Woollongabba antique Centre

Quite liked this cat...

Could've started a collection with this jug...

Was tempted by these yellow beads - but thought the 3 looked perfect together..

There was something about these guys that appealed to me.. wasn't sure the rabbit
would fit in my case though..

OH! my Nan had this guy to store her flour in, I have the mini ones that match.

A toast rack - of course!

Really liked this pen holder - but had this thought: spend half my time getting rid of stuff, the other half - making and accumulating it. Sound familiar?

Then it was back to Bullimba... love this old church - recently renovated.

capsule wardrobe going well at this point...


Helen A Naylor said...

Be-Ro. That's the name of the flour. I still have and use my Be-Ro cook book that I got from school when I was 11. The flour is still used in GB today.
How did you manage to make our places look as exciting as all the places you go to at your home. Can I have your tour guide for the next time I come up to Brisbane. Now I am off to Suzi's page then back to follow you trails around Brisbane.

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