Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to work..

After the fun times of last weekend away - and the not so extra 2.5 hrs it took to get home - it was back to work. This week was Christmas gift guide time! I had sourced product to style 4 shots.
There was a lot of stuff to unpack, style, and repack!
18 boxes full, in fact.

It'll be out in Good Weekend on Dec 8.
will show you how it turned out then...

Are you thinking "Christmas" yet?


Helen A Naylor said...

Yes I sure am. I do like the pink roller skates !
I feel that Christmas is coming a little too fast for my snail like pace that I seem to have adopted this last few weeks. I do love this time of year. To gather together the gifts I have found for my near and far dear ones. To slow down and enjoy company of the near ones. I have plans to put the tree up early and cards out on the 1st of Dec but I am wondering if I am going to make this. Gosh I do hope so. I think I need to get videos and Christmas magazines out. Oo music, is it too soon for Christmas music ! What do you think ? Any tips !

Jenny said...

Had to treat myself to a visit to your lovely blog. Looks like you are up to your usual fabulousness. Love that reindeer stamp. Your stamps are so fantastic. I think you could really be printing full time (only if you wanted of course - might not leave much time for all your other cool crafts.) Looking forward to seeing what other holiday fun to design. Talk to you soon friend!

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