Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to work..

After the fun times of last weekend away - and the not so extra 2.5 hrs it took to get home - it was back to work. This week was Christmas gift guide time! I had sourced product to style 4 shots.
There was a lot of stuff to unpack, style, and repack!
18 boxes full, in fact.

It'll be out in Good Weekend on Dec 8.
will show you how it turned out then...

Are you thinking "Christmas" yet?

Brisbane part 2...

After catching a British black comedy at the Brisbane film festival,
and waking up to a reviving Sunday morning yoga class in West End - we headed to Southbank..

(above) bit of urban art..

view looking back to Brisbane city from Southbank
(taken a couple of years ago)

view of State Library (taken a couple of years ago)
we had a quick wander around the State Library to catch a printmaking exhibition by Ron McBurnie



As seen while lunching at the Collector's cafe.

While GOMA are preparing for their next major exhibition I did discover - thanks to Shelbyville
the Artisan  gallery, which has a fab shop too.
But we were there to check out the Steampunk ...

I do love a few cogs and stuff..

2 and a half days in Brissy - a blur of funtimes...!

Brisbane part 1

Landing late Thursday night - i was ready to set out to see the Brisbane sights last Friday.
First on Shelbyville (my trusty tour guide's) list was the atmospheric Outerspace.
Perfect for brunch the converted church was a lovely space for a chat and the accompanying toddler.
The haloumi, avocado, beetroot salad set us up for the day..

We wandered around Fortitude Valley..

which was colourful and varied..

After walking around in 34 degree heat we collapsed
in Winn Lane for an iced apple + mint juice whilst admiring perhaps the worlds' smallest bookshop?

During my visit with Shelbyville i also discovered The Burrow,
would've been quite happy to be a local and try out the new beer garden..

But was content to check out the vibe and admire the cool interior - complete with blackboard art.

And try a local brew - best to keep up fluids - when in tropics.

Next morning.. it was under 8's cricket - to watch the nephew play.

There was clapping here.

The only bit i understood was how 'cool' it was when the mobile slushie
van turned up with ice ginger beer.

Duty done - sister and i headed off round the corner to Woolloongabba.. for brunch.
At this point there was a massive storm - but my phone cut out, so no incredible images
of black sky, lightening and tropical downpour. Just cute oasis where more haloumi + avocado was consumed.

When the storm stopped we headed to Woollongabba antique Centre

Quite liked this cat...

Could've started a collection with this jug...

Was tempted by these yellow beads - but thought the 3 looked perfect together..

There was something about these guys that appealed to me.. wasn't sure the rabbit
would fit in my case though..

OH! my Nan had this guy to store her flour in, I have the mini ones that match.

A toast rack - of course!

Really liked this pen holder - but had this thought: spend half my time getting rid of stuff, the other half - making and accumulating it. Sound familiar?

Then it was back to Bullimba... love this old church - recently renovated.

capsule wardrobe going well at this point...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Making a bit

Okay, so in case i'm not back here for a few days, and incase you haven't been bombarded with my instagram pics (i'm dudleyred), you may like to know what i've been making.
It was nice to get out the fabric on the weekend..

And craft a gift for a little friend. Meet Steggie-sore-us.
That's why he has a band-aid.

Then there was time to think ahead a little..
...and decorate these mini trees.
Then yesterday it was back to that lovely clean desk to carve a stamp...

and play around with colour...

and a few dots...

What have you been 'playing' around with?

Doing a bit...

All this getting about town recently meant the studio has seen better days..

I thought i needed a visit to:

Yuh, it was time to get me an... assistant... (daughter)

And install the.... EXPEDIT!
Loving all the boxes too - one just for washi tape!
There's still a few details to do, but overall..
Can't wait to get back in there!

Listening to:

Have you heard of the Creative Women's Circle? the:
"is a networking group for women involved in creative industries to share information, inspiration and ideas."
Last year they also published a book which is a collection of interviews with 
14 creative Australia women.
Recently they hosted their first Sydney talk, it was lovely listening to the stories of Julie Paterson and how her textile business 'cloth' came to be.

Julie asked us to finger knit while listening to her collection of memories and experiences, it was a lovely way to spend a little time and get together.

That was then followed a week later by the ABCD meet up - which combined with Sydney Instagrammers! This must have worked it's charm on me as i hardly snapped any shots at all
once i entered this world! Luckily the lovely Steph has more comprehensive visuals here

We even had a visit from a travelling tea house thanks to Sweet Jane

While we had planned on a picnic in the park, inclement weather meant a venue change. How lucky we were to be hosted by the lovely women of Polli. I had to contain myself, being surrounded by such a variety of  'seductive' jewellery. Everyone pitched in with  sweet treats to share - the mixed plate of 'leftovers' was a hit to take home too.

Steph and Lisa (make sure you check out her new look site for fabulous ideas, seriously!) both do a fantastic job of creating these meetups ensuring they work on so many levels: visual, social, satisfying + fun!
 As for the instagram part - it was interesting breaking into smaller discussion groups to hear other bloggers discuss how/why they used instagram and basically chat about why we all loved it!

While lots of people these days have many facets to their lives i did appreciate the opportunity to get out  from behind the screen and mingle in these circles.


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