Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the road... part 1

It's been school holidays here - and we managed to get away for a week..

Taken from the car on iphone (passengers side, obviously) processed via snapseed app.

 After putting off the idea of a road trip for many years we finally did it.
Sydney to Melbourne... let's say 11 hrs. I had several pages of notes transferred to a 7 day timetable, divided into am and pm. Well, no-one said it had to be relaxing too. 

top left: Rose st Market, vintage treasure $3 from Camberwell market,
 seen bottom right and cactus planter by Call me Ishmael.

The first day while the boys headed to the Game Masters exhibition at ACMI, the girls did a mix of retail and markets. I was pretty happy with my red dog by Call me Ishmael which i picked up at the Rose st Market, Fitzroy. 

As we left the market we stumbled across this gem Grace cafe. It was just what we needed. An understated cottage housing all my fave food groups. After much contemplation i decided on the field mushrooms with roasted beetroot on sourdough. While the girl had avocado, goats cheese and herbs on sourdough. It was the perfect oasis and reminded me of cafes i visited in Japan.

We set out early Sunday morning to visit Camberwell Market which is your sort of trash and treasure kinda of market. The girl picked up this jacket (bottom left) for $15, from a sweet twenty something who had worn it in her teens but was originally her mothers 40 years before. Oh, how we loved a treasure with a story.

Although Melbourne is a bounty when it comes to vintage goods, we also discovered these Italian lovelies in an op shop in Brunswick for $12.99.

After wandering along the beach front sights of St Kilda we dropped in on the Brighton bathing sheds.
Plenty of photographic opportunity there!

So, that was the first 48 hrs....

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Art by Wiley said...

Hey, nice shots! And I am completely envious of those shoes!!! Great to catch up with you. Looking forward to a graffiti tour round-up perhaps? ;)


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