Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melbourne part 3

After 4.5 days zipping around the city we were off down the highway to Somers, Victoria which is just over an hour from the city and right on the coast. We were lucky enough to be staying with family and even though our visit was less than 24 hours I found myself snapping away on the iphone.
I then edited these shots to capture the essence of what i saw in those few hours..

The app that i found myself repeatedly coming back to is photo toaster.
It really gives the shots a boost so quickly and also has some
optional great effects
my favourite being 'colour burst' as seen here.

Why not try a mini photo essay next time you're out and about. Look high, look low, 'zoom in' on  a detail. Snap a few for context then group later.

Colour burst filter also helps harmonise the shots so they work well as a set. I also printed these out on my inkjet printer (landscape format) in 2 rows on heavier art stock, cut the sheet in half and folded them accordian style. I then posted these little 'artist books' as a thank you to our family hosts.
Another great site is where you can order mini prints (kinda like polaroid), mini books and stickers - all from your instagram shots.

It's lovely to see a selection of your shots away from the computer don't you think?

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Jenny said...

What would I do without you and your iphone app updates. I love this post and the little books. Gonna set some time aside to do this. Thanks!


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