Thursday, October 11, 2012

Melbourne part 2

 So in the aforementioned schedule of last week, when i was building in 'something for everyone' that did include a trip to Scienceworks, to see Wallace and Gromit's World of invention. (on until early Nov). So the bulk of the exhibition was for kids under 10, but i enjoyed looking at the 7-8 actual sets they had on display. It also worked quite well when the dvd was playing next to the models, which were bigger than i expected..
The rest of the museum had some great interactive tests for strength, balance etc, which occupied the teens for a little while.

loved the 'rounded' edges on the models, Gromit was about 10cm high

"Honey I shrunk the kid". Scienceworks had some wonderful displays that played with scale.
Then, we drove the otheeeeeer side of town to
 Heide Museum of Modern art.
Which includes 15 acres of  architecturally designed galleries and sculptures in its gardens.
Perfect for a bit of photography and instagram (i'm dudleyred). A picnic would also be lovely - although the cafe was pretty special too, particularly the tiramisu.

It was one of Melbournes actual hot days - so here is the lad and me seeking shade.

The next morning the scheduled said "city 10.30" and we headed to the Museum of Melbourne to see the Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia - which was on tour from the British Museum. Amazingly tiny details recorded on clay tablets. What also worked well were the multimedia screens which 'bought to life' the images on the stone carvings to the tell stories depicted using animation.

the day began as one of the cities colder days.

the rest of the museum also had some great vintage displays...

Melbourne lane ways famous for their colour

like i said, something for everyone - but i was pretty chuffed.

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Kim Henkel said...

great pics! love the cow! looks like a great trip for all. You asked me about a tea bag tutorial on my blog. THe only one I think I have on there is on which tea bags I use and can be found early March of 2012.


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