Sunday, October 21, 2012

Out & about: Sydney

Well, amazingly it's already almost the end of October, which means a visit to Bondi..

to take in the sights of Sculpture by the Sea...

in it's 16th year with 113 works, it follows the coastline from Bondi to Tamarama.

We started earlyish - 7.30.
 I snapped quickly as it can be fairly competitive ... being such a beautiful spot - some are there to jog (heavy breathing + footsteps thudding were often in my ears), some are walking the dogs, or the kids, some are just walking and some are viewing + snapping.

 Attracting a wide range of photographers, laden down with some serious gear - these are my iphone 4 shots via instagram...

loved this!

backlight can make shooting tricky - best to just point - then process later!

this was one of 3 or 4, says alot don't you think?

there was a whole row of these - which was tricky to shoot without heaps of people

some just need to be shot as they are

fishing rods on the cliff

couldn't resist the spectator - and 'bored' sculpture!

early visit means great light

this was beautiful - but quite far from the path - they were probably a metre long

a crowd favourite perhaps?

these had grass placed on the chairs in the bags

placement can be everything

do love a stick or two

this one drew quite a photographic grouping..

For more go here

what have I been doing.. again.

Recently, having rediscovered the library, i borrowed this:

Vera Neumann was a legendary artist and designer whose career spanned 5 decades from 1942 to 1993. She designed everything from wallpaper, bedding, tablecloths and scarves. Her images were based on her original artworks which typically featured painterly florals or imagery
inspired by her travels.
I have always been drawn to her designs which are so graphically beautiful...

the book is a wonderful resource...

showcasing so much of her work and her story
One weekend i began with handcarving a stamp in the shed..

once inked up and printed i scanned it in...

Using indesign i just experimented with different colours and placements, imagining what it would be like to be a scarf designer. Hey, my name even has 4 letters too! 

Then i used a piece of 4mm foam and a sharp tool to draw a 'plate'
I printed it a couple of different ways...

But wasn't that fussed ( it was all a bit twee) - so scanned it in - and went digital...

Sometimes more is more, don't you think?
While i was pretending to be a textile designer from a time gone by i kept playing with shapes:

This used other prints from the gelli plate or hand carve combos..

Then i drew some squiggles and 'coloured' them in...

I must do it again soon... whose 'hat' or 'scarf' would you like to wear?

what have I #been doing?

so yes, maybe i need to create this hash tag on instagram?

last weekend after i had tidied up the top drawer in the bedroom and transformed it to a one page piece of information for my accountant .. i went back to the garden..

and trimmed up some sticks. I had an idea you see...

Not that 3D is really my thing. I filed a bit. I tried pva. But the trusty old glue gun worked the best. I stitched a bit, and .... Voila!

Just as well 'why?' is not a question 'round here.
I'm sure this will come in handy again.... hmmmm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

last bit of Melbourne

Our last full day we still had a few things to squeeze into the schedule.. my priority was to visit lino jeweller + crafter (two of her many hats), Betty Jo.

to see more clocks and ducks click here

A year ago she opened Gleaners Inc in Brunswick.

How delightful it was to step into a little world of vintage and handmade loveliness. With 'aaaah sweet' discoveries all over the place.
Well done Liz for curating something special.

Not far from there was Salvage & Selvedge

which i'd also been meaning to see... While i do have my fingers crossed for their online shop to be open soon, you can find colourful Shagpile  items here.

There were a couple more stops on my list that i had to tram right past, due to other commitments,
but well, I guess I have to leave something for next time!

Melbourne part 4

Melbourne is pretty well known for its street art. That doesn't mean tagging - it means being creative on the street. While it's reasonably easy to find, i decided to book a tour, so it was Melbourne street art tours who did indeed take us to the streets... for 3 hours. It was fantastic. They had local and up to date knowledge on the pieces, they knew their stuff. They knew where they were going...

It was cool wandering around the laneways.. seeing the graffiti on mass...

it was great hearing about what lay underneath various  works...

the variety was also good...

"it's not an aromatherapy tour folks!" was my favourite quote...

here i am wandering by the bins of Melbourne in 30 degrees,
 digi camera and iphone ready to shoot 

what worked for me was not having to organise these few hours ... no blue dot on the gps to follow, no map, no directions - just our faithful street art dude. I could listen to his commentary while honing in on the details...

having work pointed out to me, that i'd walked past days before...

i would say there is something for everyone, style wise. A favourite of mine being the 'paste up'

Then just as we'd used up our film, memory cards (energy) and batteries - it was time to finish the tour with a cool drink at the Blender St gallery, and check out the artists studios...

We had an awesome time in Melbourne but the Melbourne Street Art tour was a definite highlight and hit for all family members.


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